Engineering & Survey Services Provided

Roadway and Recreational Design

Roadway Design Services:

Rural and urban highways, city streets, county roads, and public transit. Work offers include field surveys, corridor studies, traffic studies, preliminary and final design, and construction monitoring.

Recreational Facility / Pathways:

Revitalization of areas, providing of walking trails, street scape improvements, youth sports facility enhancements, and park space establishment.

Topographic and Boundary Survey

Topographic and Boundary Survey:

Administered for a variety of clients ranging from architects, engineers, developers, utility boards, State Department of transportation, Municipalities, and the general public. 

Storm Drainage and Utility Design

Storm Drainage Design:

Storm water management assistance, drainage studies/ assessment, open/ closed drainage collection systems, storm water retention/ detention basins, and storm drainage improvement inclusive with development projects. 

Utility Design:

Wastewater and water supply systems management, planning, design, construction, and operations consulting of new, enhanced, or rehabilitated conveyance systems, pumping, wells, treatment / storage facilities, facility inspections and assessments, 

Environmental Permitting / Federal and State Assisted Projects

Environmental Permitting:

ADEM and Corps of Engineers permits for water supply sysems, NPDED for water and storm water discharges, Nationwide jurisdictional wetlands, and permitting requirements inclusive with development projects. 

Federal & State Assisted Projects:

Federal and State funded Programs, grants, loans, or financial agreements, such as providing assistance in obtaining project funds from the SRF and CBDG programs, EMA, FEMA, Bond Issues, local funds, and participation agreements. 

Site Work and Land Development

Site Development Services:

Surveying and engineering services for various residential and commercial sites from large scale subdivisions to small site drainage improvements. Our experience includes the initial topographic survey, planning, engineering design, construction management, and final construction surveys 

A Little History

 We have completed hundreds of projects for Clients throughout the area. From small parking lot expansions to large multifamily residential site design; from a new roadway cross-drain to community-wide master storm water drainage planning; from small water line extensions to water treatment facilities; from additions of a single manhole to design of new wastewater systems; from minor service road extensions to new, multiple-lane evacuation highways.